Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life has been so busy lately and my little man is becoming a man of his own. He has learned to tell us no and disobey lately, it is getting frustrating but I am doing by best to deal with it. Justice last weekend got to stay the night at aaron's parents so that we could have so time together. Justice did really well and acted like nothing happened. It made me happy and sad that he didn't need his momma anymore.
He is growing up way to fast for me. I still can not keep him in bed at nap and bed time and it seems to be getting worse then better, but it is something that we are dealing with.
This last weekend I really did not get to see little man that much as I was gone saturday and sunday doing different things but he had fun with his daddy and then his nana and pappa. I missed him and I know that he missed me as on sunday night he was very whinny and wouldn't let his daddy even sit by him just momma. It was a tough day until bed time and then I layed next to him in his bed til he fell asleep and woke up in the morning in a way better mood.
Life i the same just getting busier and not enough time in the day to get everything done that I need to do with a little man who will not sit still and not get into everything.
I am also not liking the whole three hours of getting out of bed before we finally lay down to take our nap and the screaming and fits he has been throwing. Life was easier a couple months ago.


kaydee said...

your little guy may be outgrowing his nap. Mine did at around 3 and it was a real challenge. I continued to try to get him to nap but I really should have just had quiet time of reading to him or watching a quiet video or listening to music together. Anyway, I'm from MBC follow me club. check me out at www.answersformoms.blogspot.com

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