Monday, July 20, 2009

What a weekend

This weekend was go go go. We had so many things to do and not enough time to do them in.
Friday night we just hung around home and got ready for saturday which consisted of going to my mom's to trade cars long story but we got the suburban and they took the scout for my brother. Then to my grandma's house and to my dads to visit, pick raspberries and get a dresser that he is giving to the baby. Then home and got justice in the bath because he was grosse from playing in the garden with me at my daddy's house. Then off to bed for him

Sunday we went to arron's family as me and my mother in law were throwing a baby shower for aaron's brother and girlfriend and carla ( aaron's mom) broke her foot on saturday we got there early to get everything done. The boys ( aaron, and joel) helped me out a lot getting things at the store and making little things. Then aaron took justice outside to play in the water durning the baby shower since he wanted the binkies on one of the presents.

After the baby shower then we celebrated b-days and justice sure was tired and whinnie never really seen him that bad but that is alright everyone has there days.

Today i started to work on the room trade with that baby coming. I got everything in the room painted other than the ceiling that justice and the baby are moving into.


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