Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life is so busy with justice, school and just the day to day that is involved with being a single mom. I can't wait for this quater to be over so that I can have a little down time and get ready for summer quater to start

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok so me and little man have moved twice now that we are on our own. It has been interesting but we are doing extremely well. I am in school full time and justice goes to daycare (school) and he loves it. This is his second daycare now that we moved. Since we moved we got a puppy, fish, a snake and i have met a wonderful man that treats me and justice great. I met him awhile ago and things are wonderful i couldn't ask for anything more in my life right now.
life has changed a lot and my thoughts and feelings have changed about a lot of things but i guess that is what divorce does to you. i am not sure what more to say about that, but i am sure that any way has gone through what i am going through will agree with me.
I am so excite to start back on my blog daily and to start doing reviews and giveaways again now that i have internet and have settled in to our new home.
justice is getting so big he and he is the most handsome little man that i have ever seen and is getting smarter by the day. he is learning so much at daycare and loves where we live since my sister lives right by us so he can go and play with my neice and nephew all the time. life is going great.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am sorry it has been so long, me and little man are doing well. We have moved and I am now a single mom going to school full time and taking care of Justice. Life is good but busy

Friday, November 13, 2009

my life are changing and not sure what to think about it. I am getting ready to re enter the working world and i am really excited for that. I love being a stay at home mom but i think i am really needing to know that i can work again and make my own money. Justice is getting big and really starting to get to be a wonderful little man. He has his moments but what child does not, I think that is just being a kid. He still doesn't really take a nap and when he does it is a fight to get him to do so. I think that if this is as bad as it gets then i will be ok but there are days when i want to ripe my hair out because it is being a little turd and i am not sure how to curb that. I love being a mom and would not change that part of my life for anything.

I am trying to get things figured out so that i have time in the day for everything that needs to be done and what needs to be done but not sure how all of that is going to happen.

I believe this is one of the last pictures i have like this. Little man does not have a binkie anymore and doesn't even ask for it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Me and Justice and daddy went to Winthrop on vacation last week. It was so wonderful to take justice over there since he had never been there. We had a blast at Aaron's grandparents house, they live right in Winthrop. We got there Monday morning and that night it started to snow. Not what I was looking forward to but justice really liked the snow and running around in it bare foot. That is my little man. We took justice down town every day and play in town and he got to go to the candy store everyday. Something I do not do at home, but since we were on vacation I went a head and said ok with it. We also took him for a hike in the mountains to a huge waterfall and he had a blast. He loved the waterfall. We went to twist too and and took him to hank's which is a grocery store with animals that are stuffed there. The owner had just went some where and killed a lion and had it stuffed and put in his store. Justice loved seeing all the animals, he was so mad that he had to leave. He cried and screamed for a while. We just had a lot of fun doing things together and hanging out as mommy daddy and son. It was a much needed time together as the three of us.

We came home wednesday night over a pass that was covered in snow but we made it home safely which i am very happy about.

The rest of the week we just did things together and hung out. It was so much fun. I am thankful for the times that i get to do things with my son and my husband.

Justice still has no binkie and is doing really wonderful with that.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunday after nap time I took little man's Binky and hid it because I was tired of the thing. He has now been with out it ever since. I never thought this day would come since he was so attached to the thing but it is so nice not having him talk through the thing all the time and telling to take it out so that we could understand what he was saying.I am sad because that means that he is getting bigger and more independent but it was something that had to happen.
Now on to the potty training, I would like to see him with no diapers by the time he is three but we will see as he has no interest at all in the potty. I am trying everything but nothing is working right now. I want to not have to change diapers for a while but we will see how this goes and when it will happen.
I have been sick all week and have not a whole lot of nothing. Staying home is nice but not when you are sick and just want to sleep all day. With justice around sleeping really isn't an option or my house would be destroyed.

Justice still isn't really taking naps, I try everyday but it is getting to be a pain that I might just tell him that he needs to play in his room for a while, we will see because he needs his naps still but i am not sure how to approach it differently so that he will take them. He gets grumpy when he doesn't take one but it is getting too much of a hassle to even try anymore, but i need him to take a nap so that I can have some down time to get things done that need to be done that I can not really do when he is awake.
On the 20th of September we celebrated our 6year anniversary. We went out to dinner and drove around for a while. It was nice to spend time with my husband and remember why we got married and love each other. Justice got to go to aaron's parents and had a blast, then the next weekend we did the oyster run and justice went to my mom and step dad's and had a blast there
Every time he is somewhere I am not they always tell me how good he is and he never gets into anything. Wow that is my son,I am very happy that he is a good boy for everyone but it would be nice if would not get into everything when he is home with me. Sometimes I just don't want to clean up as many messes as my little man makes all the time. I want a clean house for more than five mins. maybe someday right.
He is talking so much more and really has a mind of his own. He tells you no now, stop it, love you and has really taken after me and not stop talking. He loves to tell you all about everything and at some points I think he talks more than I do and I really did not think that was possibly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life has been so busy lately and my little man is becoming a man of his own. He has learned to tell us no and disobey lately, it is getting frustrating but I am doing by best to deal with it. Justice last weekend got to stay the night at aaron's parents so that we could have so time together. Justice did really well and acted like nothing happened. It made me happy and sad that he didn't need his momma anymore.
He is growing up way to fast for me. I still can not keep him in bed at nap and bed time and it seems to be getting worse then better, but it is something that we are dealing with.
This last weekend I really did not get to see little man that much as I was gone saturday and sunday doing different things but he had fun with his daddy and then his nana and pappa. I missed him and I know that he missed me as on sunday night he was very whinny and wouldn't let his daddy even sit by him just momma. It was a tough day until bed time and then I layed next to him in his bed til he fell asleep and woke up in the morning in a way better mood.
Life i the same just getting busier and not enough time in the day to get everything done that I need to do with a little man who will not sit still and not get into everything.
I am also not liking the whole three hours of getting out of bed before we finally lay down to take our nap and the screaming and fits he has been throwing. Life was easier a couple months ago.


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