Friday, October 31, 2008


Today has started off to be a good day. Justice got up about 5:30 in the morning with a cold. He got his flu shot and has not been feeling well ever since but that is something that we can bare through. I had a wonderful day planned for the two us trick or treating down town Mount Vernon then off to Bellingham for the trunk or treat but slowly my plans are falling apart.
We are still going down town, justice is a scar crow he is so cute. But the Bellingham thing is off due to everyone that was going with me has slowly dropped off and I do not want to drive all the way up there to do it by myself. So we are going to go downtown then maybe to the mall. We will see how he is doing.
I made my first chili for tonight's party that we are having. I do not eat chili there for I do not make it but I made an exception to the rule. Hope everyone likes it and it tastes good. We will find out tonight.
We will see how Justice does with all this today since last year we did not do much since he was so little, but I am excited.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today has started off to be a hectic day. First we watched sponge bob like every morning then off to the doctor for Justice's flu shot which he did not like at all. Then to take daddy a coffee, then off to whidbey island bank to shut down the accounts that I had just set up yesterday. Then to US bank to reset up my accounts today which I thought that this would not take too long but I was wrong we were an hour and a half past Justice's nap time by the time we made it home, but that is ok he was a good boy and got lots of treats every where we went today. So now we are at home Justice is asleep well needed sleep and I am trying to get somethings caught up on. We will see how the rest of the day goes.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So I have not had a lot of time to keep this up to date. Friday was just a stay at home day where me and Justice played most of the day.
Saturday I had him paint his pumpkin because my son cleaning out the pumpkins and around knifes just scare me I might be a little over protective but that is OK with me.
Sunday we went to church, then went to my grandma's to deliver her Avon and to see her. My dad was there to so killed two birds with one stone, Then off to Nana and poppa's to hang out and work. I got a lot done there and Justice finally took a wonderful nap. Then we headed home so that Justice could help daddy with the wood he went and got. Then dinner and off to bed which did not last Mr was up all night. He is down for his nap now so that I can try to get somethings caught up on and work on my Avon.
I also got to see my cousin whom hasn't seen justice since last christmas so that was nice and I love spending time with the family and with my little man.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So I have been trying to work on potty training and it is not going as planned. Justice has decided that the potty is something to stand on instead. He puts his little feet where the potty should go and stands on it and I have tried to put him in big boy undies and see if that would work but he wets those on purpose. Back to the drawing board on that one.
So after 27 years of my life I have decided that I hate cooking dinners, so I have now started to make big meals and freeze them so that I will not have to cook every night. I have also started to do this with snacks too, because making them myself has to be cheaper then buying them and I have two boys (Aaron and Justice) whom love to eat goodies so I have to make sure that we have them in the house. Last night I made a roast that cooked in bbq sauce all day and then we shredded it and made bbq hot sandwiches and boy were they good and I froze the rest for another night. I also made two batches of spritz cookies and I am going to freeze them. Thank goodness I have a big freeze in the garage so that I can start doing this.
Other than this yesterday was a pretty good day. Justice wanted to go for a walk in his stroller so we did that and washed and cleaned my truck he sure is a big helper. He talks up a storm to like his momma.

Words he says:
momma, dadda, sister, nana, pappa, puppy, cow, horsey, kitty kitty, potty, bath tub, ponge bob, cookie, go gurt, cheese, nose, mouth, leg, hi, bye,ocean, leah, damian, jaden, jonny, outside, inside, up, nunums, babuse(apple juice) baba, binkie, piggie, poop, car, shut up, boots, sockie, shoe, spoon, please, thank you, bath tub, and I am sure there are a lot more but that is all I can think of right now. He also talks in his own laguage but every little kid does.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today my son decided I think that he wants to be a monkey. He is climbing on the piano, my bed then up the blinds. He is driving me to the funny farm. He has so much energy that I am not sure what to do with it all sometimes. I would love to buy a treadmill and let him run all day to get it out, but I know that is not right.
I love the fact that he has so much energy he just wears me out
Tonight he helpes me make apple crisp and dinner. He sat on the counter and help mix the things together. I love it when he wants to help

Monday, October 20, 2008

Aaron got home yesterday about 3:00 and was Justice happy to see his daddy. After about the first two minuets of daddy being home he acted like he never left. Just bounced from Aaron to me and back and forth. Other than that we just hung out at home and played with Justice till bed time.

Today Justice has figured out home to climb in his crib so now I know that getting out will be no problem so I think it is time to move him to his big boy bed. This should be interesting. We also are starting to work on potty training going well if him not going in the potty but everywhere else counts.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

sleepless night

So about 11:30 last night Justice woke up and wanted to cuggle (cuddle) that was after I changed his diaper. This went on until 4:30 in the morning. I think that he is taking it really hard that daddy has been gone for so long, but he will be home tomorrow. SO with the sleepless night we went up to nana and poppas today so that I could work and visit. After naps we decided to take Justice, me, poppa, jaden, ocean, leah and Jonny all to the pumpkin patch so that they could pick out their pumpkins. That was fun and they all choose the one that they wanted with a little help from either me or poppa.
Then we got back to the house and ate dinner then it was time to head home. Justice really liked the dvd player in poppa's car and it kept him entertained so I think I might look into one of those for him for christmas.
Tomorrow he will be so excited when daddy walks through the door.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today was one of those days that you wished would just get over. I was tired because Justice got up early in the morning and then did not take the greatest nap. We made our deliveries and played at home most of the day. Justice has really gotten into playing the piano so I heard that most of the day. He decided today that he did not want to sit in his high chair anymore that he wanted to sit at the table in a portable high chair. He ate better there and less food got thrown on the floor so I think that he made the right choice there. He also sat on the potty today for 20 minutes with no diaper on. He did not go potty but at least he sat on there. That is a step in the right direction.
We had a relaxing night before bed watching his favorite Sponge bob. Then he went off to bed where he fell right asleep

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This afternoon after our painting projects we went to Lyman to the Fall Harvest so that Justice could get his pumpkin and just for something to do. He did not like the mud too well, but he picked a good pumpkin and got 2lbs. of apples and apple cider. It was fun and muddy but something that me and him could do together. I think that I had more fun than him but that is ok. I did not realize that it was going to be so nasty out there but we came home and changed and got all cleaned up. Boys are suppose to get dirty and I am not one of those moms that will not let him get dirty and play in the mud.

With Aaron being gone so long I have been trying to find new things for Justice to do so that he is not just missing his daddy so today I decided that we would finger paint. He had a blast and did a wonderful job not sure if more got on his face then on the paper but that is alright. I love watching him do new things because he so interested. We then got him cleaned up for the most part and then moved onto color crayons which he has played with many times in the past.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Aaron has been gone since last friday so Justice has been a big help and not only that he has been very cuddly and clingy so it is taking me a while to get the things done in the morning that normally take me no time at all.
Like every morning lately since Justice has started to watch cartoons, should I say cartoon (he will only watch Sponge bob). I got him on the couch and settled watching his show with his bebe, bubba and a blankie and I ran to get my shower in. When I got out it was way to quite so I grab a towel and came out to the living room where he was not at. He was in the kitchen with a chair. I asked him what he was doing and he said "mama cockie (coffee)." I then looked and he had taken the espresso machine and made coffee with butter. The machine was cover, the cups everything including him. I now wish I would have taken pictures but was not thinking about that at the time. I love the little things that he does to try and help but boy oh boy does he make a mess.

I got him cleaned up and the kitchen taken care of for him to turn around and want baboos (apple juice) and that got dropped and spilled all over the floor. It is a wonderful morning to what hopefully turns out to be a wonderful day.


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